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Assistant Professor

Department of Civil Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai

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Bearing Design

This excel web app can be used to perform preliminary design of lead rubber bearings for given axial load to achieve a particular isolation time period. It doesn't require the design displacement from dynamic analysis, and should only be used for preliminary design of bearings.

Seismic Isolation Web Application

This web application was developed to guide engineers to design seismic isolation for bridges using lead rubber and elastomeric bearings. It's a complete automated application and requires user to input basic geometrical, material and non-seismic load analysis data of the bridge and gives as output the final design of lead rubber or elastomeric isolation bearings as required by the user. This application is user interactive and user, as per better engineering judgment or practical considerations, can overwrite the suggested parameters at different design steps to arrive at the desired design. This application is based on theory of seismic isolation design developed by researchers at University at Buffalo, NY. For detailed documentation user can refer to the website of MCEER Buffalo, where all the relevant documents are available.

Application is available in U.S. system of units and S.I./Metric system of units. Application has an existing example, which can be used as a reference or user can ignore that to input their own values. Existing example has been described here. Links to application has been provided below:

These isolation web apps use the LRFD procedures prescribed in the following document:
Constantinou, M., Kalpakidis, I., Filiatrault, A., and Lay, R. A. E. (2011). "LRFD-based analysis and design procedures for bridge bearings and seismic isolators." Report MCEER-11-0004, Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research, State University of New York at Buffalo, NY.

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