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Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai

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Ground Motion Selection, Processing, and Scaling Software Program

The SeismoSoft software company ( produces a range of softwares programes for calculations pertaining to seismic hazard. An academic license can be obtained by sending a request through a valid .edu email id. I have used two of their software programs:

SeismoSignal: For processing of ground motions (

SeismoMatch: For scaling of ground motions to a program generated or user defined spectrum. It uses the same algorithm as in RspMatch2005 by Hancock et. al (2006), but provides an user friendly graphical-user interface and many post processing options (
To verify the results of SeismoMatch with RspMatch2005, I chose a random ground motion and scaled using both software to a UHRS target spectrum for periods between 0.05 and 3 sec. The results from both software programs were almost same. The comparison in presented in the pdf file attached here.