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ABAQUS is commerical software program used across deciplines for finite element analysis. ABAQUS has a vast support available in terms of user reference manuals, support forums, and training videos.

User Subroutines in ABAQUS

Limited guidance and support is available publically for free on writing user subroutines. The problems and solutions faced during running a subroutine with ABAQUS are presented here.

This is the first step that needs to be completed to test your subroutines (UMAT, UEL etc.). Without this you won't be able to run your subroutines. This step can be sometime really tedious and time-consuming. Following links describe in detail the steps that you will need to follow. Procedure specific to your case might be different at few places depending on your version, computer specific information etc., where you might need to adapt appropriately to suit your needs. Two documents on the same topic is available, one by myself and another by A B M Tahidul Haque (PhD Candidate, University at Buffalo). Users are suggested to use the document that better suits their need.

ABAQUS Linking Document by Manish Kumar

Abaqus 6.14-2, Intel Visual FORTRAN 12.1, Visual Studio 2010

Abaqus 6.10, Intel Visual FORTRAN 11.1, Visual Studio 2008

Document by A B M Tahidul Haque (PhD Candidate, SUNY at Buffalo)

Abaqus 6.12-1, Intel Fortran 13.0.1, Visual studio 2012 aka Version 11

Example of User Subroutines in ABAQUS (UELs/UMATs)

Here are two subroutines that I have created in ABAQUS

ElastomericX: User Subroutine for Analysis of Low Damping Rubber (LDR) bearing
LeadRubberX: User Subroutine for Analysis of Lead Rubber (LR) Bearing

Some examples of subroutines available on internet