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Department of Civil Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai

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This page contains details of user elements (UELs) created in OpenSees for analysis of elastomeric seismic isolation bearings and related examples.

Elastomeric bearings are modeled as two-node and twelve degress of freedom discrete elements. The discreet formulation is substantially computationally efficient than continuum formulation, and hence used here. The two nodes are connected by six springs that represent material models in six basic directions (1 axial, 2 shear, 1 torsion, 2 rotation) of the elastomeric bearing.
User elements for three type of elastomeric bearings are described here: 1) Low damping rubber (LDR) bearing, 2) Lead-rubber (LR) bearing, and 3) High damping rubber (HDR) bearing. All three user elements use the same geometric formulation discussed above.